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Figures Lie

figures lieAccording to the previous RP poll, concerning the best 11th Commandment, we've learned that flabby, lactose-intolerant people under twenty-five are fearsomely protective of their internet connection as long as it's provided by a small-to-medium-sized company.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


rush limbaugh's apartment
If I asked you what sort of antediluvian cock-gobbler called this Byzantine abode home I'd bet you a kazillion kazoo's you'd never guess who it was.

Give up?

Like it or not, ditto-heads, this is Rush Limbaugh's Manhattan apartment, and unless this is the world's most elaborate practical joke (which pretty much sums up Limbaugh's career) Rush lives in exactly the same type of environment your grandmother great-grandmother would find quite cozy.

It's impossible to believe that Rush had anything more to do with this sin against nature than to open the Big Book of Interior Decorating for Arrogant Pricks, close his eyes and pick the first page his finger landed on. Good job, Rushbo.

Now he's selling it. Why it's on the market is anyone's guess but perhaps when the socialist's take over he's going to need the extra cash to buy plenty of Peruvian Marching Dust for all of his Filipino butt-boys at his Costa Rican hide-away.

You can see more pictures of the apartment, each more frightening than the last, here.


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Today's Google Chow.

The Toyota engineeering department. A short fiction..

E1: "There is just no way we can develop this throttle-control on time and under budget."
E4: "We can always use the monkey's paw... again."
E1: "Like we did on the Pinto and the Corvair.
E2: "Yeah, like that worked out well."
E4: "Hey, I was just..."
E3: "Gentlemen. The equation is simple; either we knuckle down and sweat the details or we cast our fates to the occult and hit the titty bars by happy hour."
E3: "Ralph Nader is going to kick my patootie."