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When World's Collide

Reagan XmasThe Stanfill Family Xmas Party is tomorrow (Saturday).


Our family gets together early because there were eight of us born of our sainted mother, and assembling on Xmas Day grew to be a mammoth hassle as soon as the spectre of breeding raised its recessive head among the sibs.

I used to think it was unfair to have to bring gifts for each of my brother's six kids considering I had no yard monkeys of my own. But, upon reflection, he has to pay the Kid Tax 24/7, 365. While I, on the other hand, just have to pay the yearly Good Uncle toll. It all works out.

I'm bringing something special to the party this year...  bronchitis. The last time I crossed swords with this viral blackguard was when Beloved Girlfriend and I celebrated the Millennium in France. At least this time I'll be indoors knocking back eggnog and soy-based treats instead of staggering along sleet-laced streets trying to remember how "bathroom" translates into French.


On the Tenth Day of Xmas Shopping my Reddit Secret Santa gave to meeeeeee:

stealth gogglesEyeclops Night Vision Infrared
Stealth Goggles


Raging Pencils storeOh, my dog! Raging Pencils has a store! That is, if you call a couple of t-shirts a store. I'll be adding more content as I get the hang of the interface but, until then, check it out, check it out, check it out!

Oh, and, uh, check it out.


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Reindeer wife to husband: "Honey? Honey! Wake up! You're flying in your sleep again!"