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Killer Watts

screwed againI'
m currently in the market for a new electric provider and, while browsing numerous terms of agreement, I've discovered something both ridiculous and insulting.

Almost universally, regardless of electric company, the more energy you use, the less it costs.

That's like letting people with gigantoid SUV's pay less for their gas than you do for your Prius.

Though it's certainly a boon for those in need of great amounts of electric power, and have the extra cash to pay for it, it's flat-out disastrous for the environment as it does nothing to promote conservation. In fact, it actively promotes wasting energy which only increases the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

Not only that, some companies tack on a service charge if you don't use a set amount of kilowatt hours monthly, as much as $10. That's personally insulting as I currently go to great lengths to reduce my energy usage, like keeping the thermostat at 60 in the winter and 80 in the summer. My electric usage is so low, about half of the suggested minimum, that I always have to pay that service charge.

Well, f*ck me for being Mr. Thoughtful.

Considering the fragile condition of the world in which we live it's clear that the more electric power you use the more money you should have to pay, not the other way round. At the very least, a kilowatt hour should cost X amount regardless of the amount used.

Unfortunately, we have educated the public to believe that one should always pay less per unit when buying greater quantities of anything, and exising that particular notion for this particular product from the minds of Mr. & Ms. Consumer is going to be a toughie but it not only should be done, it has to be done.


Note for the geographically astute: Yes, I realize that Sioux City is not in South Dakota. It just sounds funnier than "Sioux City, Iowa".

My second favorite city name is "Lower Backpain, Nebraska".


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A blast from the reeking past. The RP from 8-25-08.

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Saint Peter greeting an ex-New York street punk.
St Peter: "Well, of course you get in. If we judged everyone from New York by Sioux City, South Dakota standards we couldn't even man a flag football team up here."