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Raging Pencils by Mike "Lefty" Stanfill

Payback's a bitch.

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I'm A Daddy

Every important birthday that rolls around, and they're all important these days, I like to plant a tree. About five years ago I planted an 8-foot pecan tree in my back yard. It's now a 12-foot pecan tree and for the very first time it's brought in a crop of pecans. This is unusual because for the past five years all this tree has done is drop its leaves the moment the temperature crept past 90, or what's known as "sweater weather" here in North Texas.

There's only nine nuts on the tree, in three groups of three, but I couldn't be a prouder papa. The picture below shows the actual nuts (You can probably see the resemblance).

my babies

There's a popular site on the 'net where you can read syndicated comics for free. I'm not revealing its name for reasons that will soon become clear.

The most attractive feature of the site was that you could post your comments about the comics, or just rattle on as users do in such forums.

There was one Big-C Conservative comic in particular that I had a great deal of fun lambasting as the artist's "facts" came directly from Fox News' talking points. As such, they were always horrendously, though never amusingly, wrong.

One of the other users, lets call him "Teabag", never actually commented on the strip. All he ever said was "This world would be a better place if it weren't for those gol-durn pro-abortion liberals", or a slight variant thereof.

Day in, day out. Same old crappola.

He only shared such sentiments on this one conservative comic page, never on any of the other comic pages. That's because on that page he was surrounded by a handful of like-minded neanderthals, happily bleating his hateful little slogans back at him. (Incidentally, I never saw any of these guys on the Doonesbury page.)

In other words, he was a coward. A bully. A pack animal. He was happy to share his little one-note screed with other ditto-heads but he was too chicken to post the same sentiment on other forums. Lord help him if he ever had to try and explain his rationale.

So I called Teabag out on it last night. I told him he was a coward for hiding in this little-visited cartoon backwater and that if he really meant what he said, if he really wanted to try and stop abortion in this country, then he should post his message on other comic forums around the site.

I clicked "send" and called it a night.

I woke up this morning to find his account had been deleted. "Yay", I thought, "the forum managers at finally caught on to his baloney."

Then I discovered my account had been deleted, too.

My own fault, really. What could I expect after lying down with dogs. (Even though I didn't figuratively lie down. Mostly I just ran around, peeing on everything.)

I bring this boring little story up for a reason because Teabag reminds me of those armed guys wandering around outside the venues Mr. Obama has been visiting lately. They're the same sort of bully/coward, except instead of shouting "Abortion! Abortion!" they're shoving their guns in everyone's face. What, after all, is the point of weapons at a health debate?

You know who the brave one's are? Cindy Sheehan, who laid beside a gravel road in scorching summer Texas heat to protest an unjust war. Nelson Mandela, Cesar Chevez, that Chinese guy that stood in front of the tanks, Rosa Parks. Them is some brave sum-bitches.

Can you imagine any of those people appearing with an AK-47? Certainly not. Because guns are the sign that you've lost the argument and your only answer is violence.

And violence is not the answer. It's just another problem.


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Evil men set upon my mother and left her with child. The Elders decreed she bear her sorrow alive. Thus born, steeped in hate, I grew to one day lead armies that slaughtered billions. Now, as master of this world, I decree that abortion return. After all, the last thing I need is more competition.