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District 9 respects your brain.

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District Nein

picture of angry manAs if you didn't guess, I saw District 9 this weekend and absolutely LOVED it.

But there were a few things I didn't love, and here they are in no particular order.


The budget deficit is HUGE, but what's the cause? The Right is vehemently trying to dump the blame on Mr. Obama's shoulders but David Leonhardt has a nice article breaking down the sources of the growth deficit. We'll start with a nice, tasty pie chart:

debt chart
What do we learn from this:

• The first category — the business cycle — accounts for 37 percent of the $2 trillion swing.

• Second, Bush-era legislation, like his tax cuts and the Medicare prescription drug benefit, [that] not only continue to cost the government but have also increased interest payments on the national debt.

• Third, Obama’s main contribution to the deficit is his extension of several Bush policies, like the Iraq war and tax cuts for households making less than $250,000 [...] 20 percent of the swing.

• Fourth, about 7 percent comes from the stimulus bill that Mr. Obama signed in February.

• Fifth, only 3 percent comes from Mr. Obama’s agenda on health care, education, energy and other areas.

So there.


John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, is waging a campaign against health care reform. His opinion, in a column written for the Wall Street Journal, is that if you eat his over-priced food, you'll be fine.

Oh, and lay off the insurance companies. Their 500% increase in profits over the past six years is juuuuust fine.

There is a Whole Foods store in my area but I'll be shopping elsewhere for my tofurkey this year.


And finally, Comcast is dumping MSNBC from its basic cable package. If you like Olbermann and Maddow you're going to have to pony up an additional $200 a year.

You can find all the details of this story here, along with the contact infoof those resposible at Comcast.



end rant

Bonus Advice
A little advice on how to handle an alien.

Extra Deluxe High-Octane Bonus Fabulousness

math equals whiskey
The sine squared plus cosine squared t
is equal to four minus three,
and tangent t's value
is what they all tell you,
and thus I drink booze. Q.E.D.

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