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Raging Pencils by Mike "Mucus Welby" Stanfill

American health care failure.

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Before I properly begin today's rant here's a little tidbit I just learned from the Rachel Maddow Show:

Republicans in opposition to the Obama health care plan often refer to a resource called "The Lewin Group" for their information. They refer to the firm as "non-partisan" and "independent".

The Lewin Group is, in reality, run by a company called Eugenix, which is itself owned by The United Health Group, one of the nation's largest insurers. This is the same company that recently paid a $400 million dollar fine for screwing consumers.

United Health Group presumably also dabbles in sheep's clothing.


Disaster Movie

floodHere's something you ought to know about central air-conditioning systems... they suck moisture out of the air, thus making the air drier and more comfortable. But this collected water has to go somewhere, so a drainage tube directs the water either outside onto the ground or directly into your sewer system.

But what if the drainage system gets clogged by years of accumulated schmutz, rust and dead june bugs? Then, my friend, you got trouble.

Such was the unhappy situation I faced Saturday night at Beloved Girlfriends house, prior to settling-in with the extended director's-cut of "Watchmen".

We made one last foray into the kitchen for provisions necessary to last us the ensuing three hours when we noticed the cat licking something on the kitchen counter. Then we noticed the counters were wet. Then we noticed the ceiling bulging ominously.


It seems that the air-conditioning condenser at Beloved Girlfriend's house is situated on the second floor of her abode, right over the kitchen. And all that water, and there was much of it, had at that moment begun to cascade over the evaporation pans, infiltrating the flaws in the wallboard and generally ruining our evening... not to mention a newly painted kitchen.


With the aid of a high-pressure air tank, which I usually reserve for air-brushing, plus a handy wet-dry vacuum we spent the next two hours successfully blowing-out and de-gunking the drainage system and all areas related to it. It would have taken a lot less time if the A/C had been designed to actually allow easy access to human hands but the process was much more like performing your own root canal... in mittens.

Think about that.

I sincerely hope that the engineer who designed this AC unit, and the architect who so thougtfully crammed the A/C in the all-but-inaccessible closet, spend the next eternity sucking each other's schmutz.


end rant

Bonus Ferguson
Craig Ferguson on the Stupidization of America.

Extra Deluxe Biological Bonus Fabulousness

biological clock
Wake up... time to die.

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Today's Google Chow.
American Health Care: An Abbreviated History
Doctor: "Good thing you called, little fellah. That water looks mighty warm."
Nurse: "We'll need proof of insurance to test your water."
Lawyers: "That hot water is a pre-existing condition. We'll have to cancel your insurance."
Sign: "Frog Soup".