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Raging Pencils by Mike "Blue Leader" Stanfill

Genetically modified orgasms.

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Mike Stanfill, Private Hand
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See, I Told You Lies.

rush fucking limbaugh Last Friday, on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh claimed that Barack Obama is making white people the new oppressed minority. He said, “How do you get promoted in a Barack Obama administration? By hating white people.”

Pond-scum used to be considered very low on the evolutionary totem pole. At last, thanks to Mr. Limbaugh, it's no longer alone at the bottom.

Excuse me if you've heard this before, but...

Rush Limbaugh: Worst Person in the WORRRRRRRLD!


Regarding today's cartoon: I drew it strictly as a gag about GMO's, but later realized that the possibility of a 40-ish Clone War trooper and a young Princess Leia dallying in some anonymous intergalactic motel room was more or less chronologically accurate as far as the Star Wars timeline goes.

I hope this explanation makes the cartoon less funny.


One last thing: The death of Dr. George Tiller at the hands of a pro-life loony proves who the true murderers are in this country. They are the Right-wing gun-nuts who believe in frontier justice, a technique of jurisprudence that, left unchecked, would leave no one safe in this country. After all, why bother voting when you can simply assassinate a candidate?

And it's counterproductive. What was the result of Robert Kennedy's slaying? The election of Richard Nixon, the escalation of the Vietnam War, Watergate. And the lessons of Watergate were learned all-too-well by Dick Cheney who,with the help of his little puppet-pal George, used those lessons to run this country into the ground.

So thanks for nothing, frontier justice dweebs. May you all rot in the very sameHell to which you condemn women and their doctors who have done you no harm.

Roe vs. Wade is settled law, people. It's a legal medical procedure and it always will be.


end rant

Bonus Instrumental.
Is it possible that anyone on the 'net has yet to behold the goofy
splendor that is Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager?

Extra Deluxe Misogynist Bonus Fabulousness

pretty pink princess vader
I, er, ummmm.... oh, forget it.

Raging Pencils salutes the Mystery Reader of
Quito, Ecuador
Whoever you are, thanks for reading my crappy little 'toon.

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Today's Google Chow.
Princess and Clone Trooper. Naked.
Leia: "You're a clone? Sorry, but I don't eat genetically modified organisms."
Caption: "Crap!", thought Phil. He was certain she'd said "virgin".