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Raging Pencils by Mike "nematode" Stanfill

Noah and the hermaphrodites.

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Up, Up & Awayyyyyyyy!

pixar's up I'm off to see Pixar's "Up" at midnight. Will gush about it at length later.

No spoiler's, though.

I'm back! And the mighty Pixar Juggernaut thunders on.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll happily kiss twenty-five bucks goodbye as you watch one of the year's best films in 3D.

Although the movie is chock-full of big set-pieces it was the little things that made me nudge the girlfriend. Most notably the way Carl, the main character, lovingly touched the hand-print his beloved wife left on the mail-box as he gathered in the mail.

There's also a moment when the shadow of the floating house, lit by a golden morning sun, trails across a quiet intersection of a large city. For something so simple in appearance it required a tremendous amount of manpower for a scene that lasted all of five seconds. Those are the moments I remember and the reason Pixar's films are so damn good.

Not to mention the squirrels.

So go. Enjoy. Discover your own nudgeable moments. There are plenty for everyone.

Addendum: In the theatre I attended there was no, as expected, short film preceeding the movie. But I've just read reports indicating that other theatres showed a Pixar short called "Partly Cloudy". I'm assuming it wasn't in 3D and, thus, wasn't shown in the 3D-equipped venue. Either way, call ahead and make sure your theatre of choice is showing the short and, if not, ask them why.

As for me, I'll be seeing Up again very soon, anyway. Wherever that may be I'll make sure they're showing the short.


end rant

Bonus Instrumental.
An evolution in dance, dance.

Extra Deluxe Misogynist Bonus Fabulousness

gay beer ad
I'm really suprised there wasn't more homicide in the 50s.

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The Ark. Day time.
Various nematode's holding protest signs reading "Noah unfair to hermaphrodites."
Noah's brother: "What puzzles me is how they're holding those signs.