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Raging Pencils by Mike "dot-dot-dot" Stanfill

Polar bears as represented by pixels.

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Point of Disorder

DEAD BABY Did you see President Obama's speech at Notre Dame? Scattered among the many graduates were actual protesters, standing up and giving the President what for.

It was a nostalgiac moment for me as you never, ever saw protesters at Bush public events over the past eight years. You know why? Because they never made it through the door and rarely into the parking lot. If you had the wrong t-shirt or the wrong bumper sticker then PHHHT! out you went, pal.

Yeah, lots of lawsuits ensued.

(I digress to remind our gentle readers that Mr. Bush's limousine was pelted with eggs, by those who perhaps felt the Supreme Court overstepped its boundaries just a peench, as it drove towards the White House on Inauguration Day, 2001. From then on relations with the loyal opposition became quite testy.)

Anyway, Mr. Obama just stood there at the podium and let the fifty or so pro-lifers bellow their incomprehensible nonsense... until the overwhelming majority of the student body finally had enough and shouted them down with a rousing chorus of "Yes, we can!" (Video snippet below)

It's wonderful that everyone has their say now. Really, really wonderful.


BTW, for those of you who think the "neener- neener" picture, above, is in bad taste, it is. But the picture itself, favored by pro-lifers all over America, is a fraud.

It's not a cute little baby sucking its thumb in utero. It's an aborted fetus posed to look that way by photographer Lennart Nilsson as part of an photo essay he created for Life Magazine.

Just thought you should know.


end rant

Bonus Commencement.
Now that's a President.

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Is fapping twenty times a day a superpower?

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Today's Google Chow.
Elegant white square on luxurious black surface.
This white square is composed os 25,000 pixels. Each pixel represents one of the 25,000 remaining polar bears on Earth. I Call this peice "Damn few polar bears in a snowstorm but there's still plenty of vanilla ice cream."