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Raging Pencils by Mike "Happy Chappy" Stanfill

Gay marriage and the bride of christ.

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Thanks, But We've Got Enough Assholes.

arlen specterArlen Specter is now a Democrat.

Well, whoopty-freakin-doo!

If he'd made this decision this four years ago I would have stood up and applauded him, maybe even tossed him a party, but it's clear to anyone with a functioning brain stem that he only made this gutless move in order to save his job, and that job is making a fat living off of lobbyists. We've already had too much of that so let's hope his constituents see through this act in 2010 and finally can his sleazy butt for a REAL Democrat.

Coincidentally, he's opposed to same-sex marriages. Who'd a thunk?

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Bonus Fuck-up
Out of the mouths of morons....

Extra Deluxe Editorial Bonus Fabulousness

beck lunacy
Clay Bennett, ladies and gentleman.

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Two gay protesters and a bride of Christ.
Nun: "Count your blessing's, chaps. I had to marry a dead guy."