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Raging Pencils by Mike "Ouroboros" Stanfill

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Distorted Reflections

"Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich."
- Napoleon

double-crossed-fingersBack in 2002, right after the Republican Party gained the majority in both houses of Congress, I had a quite conservative friend tell me that "Now we'll see things get done."

Six years later, on January 30th, to be exact, a congressional report was released stating that the basic cause of the current worldwide fiscal meltdown was due largely in part to the massive amounts of deregulation which occured in all parts of our government and business at the hands of this very same Republican majority.

In a way, my friend was right... things got done. The Chinese populace of Nanking said the same thing about the Japanese army back in 1937.

The one thing this terrible period has made clear, to me anyway, is the central focus of the Republican Party.... they want all the money. More than honor, more than country, more than god, they want the money. And they'll do whatever it takes to get it even if it means poisoning the land , the water, the food, the airwaves or the body politic, all the while mouthing the words "fiscal responsibility".

This, however, makes for a pretty lousy party platform so the GOP has carefully padded their rolls by embracing every emotional issue they can possibly dredge up. Guns, religion, abortion, gays, immigrants, taxes, creationism. Basically, if something can be argued on faith rather than hard facts then they've got a new constituency.

Dubious? Let me put it this way... if you met a xenophobic, gay-bashing, pro-life, anti-evolution snake-handler with a fully-automatic AK-47 mounted in the back of his pick-up truck you could wager good money that he would consider himself a Republican and win that bet 99.99999% of the time.

These aren't real Republicans, of course. These are just dupes. Rubes that can be flim-flammed by a bright, shiny lie. These are the one's responsible for the Republican majority in 2002, and Mr. Bush's re-election is 2004. They, as much as anyone, dug the economic hole they're now standing in.

Real Republicans, on the other hand, are those 1% of Americans who own 60% of everything. They're the one's who doubled their incomes, mostly on capital gains, over the past six years. They're the one's paying, on average, just 17% in taxes.

They're the one's who, honestly, loathe the other 99%.


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Bonus Instrumentation
It was 1929 and a girl had to eat. Even if it meant playing about
27 different musical instruments. These ladies rock!

Extra Deluxe Accurate Bonus Fabulousness

fuck rush limbaugh
Mr. Fish reminds us of what we already know.

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OSPN, Olympic Sports Programming Network
"In other news, the Giants traded veteran players Hyperion and Tethys to the Titans for Cottusgeit, a 2nd-year player from Hecatonchires State."
"They say he has great hands."
"Yes, all 50 of them!"
Mercury: "Crap! That's all we need! Another wide receiver."