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Raging Pencils by Mike "Rawhide" Stanfill

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Raging Pencils is an overwrought conceit of:

Mike Stanfill, Private Hand
Mike Stanfill, Private Hand
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Today's mystery web comic is:

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"Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet."
- African proverb

RSSSo how do you like the brand new Raging Pencils RSS feed? You know... the little blue box above the Contact link. If you don't know what it is don't be embarrassed. Until yesterday I didn't really know either.

I hadn't given much thought about including one of these miracle devices to the RP until I was suddenly deluged by one or two interested parties inquiring as to when I was going to put down the jaw bone and join the 21st-and-a-half century.

I was dubious about the necessity of the dang thing until I found a clever youtube video discussing the ins-n-outs of such a utility. What got my attention was the fact that it had over a million hits.

"Uh-oh", I said to the cat, "I'm out of touch again."

Cat just licked its butt. Thanks, cat.

I went to about a dozen or so sites that claimed to know everything about RSS feeds but they were about as helpful and instructive as the Japanese army in Nanking. This wasn't as easy as I thought it'd be. In fact, it was kinda hard.


Eventually I just stole some code and inserted my own links, so it works, though just barely. I promise I'll make some improvements as soon as I have a few spare weeks but if any RSS wizard out there would like to make suggestions the cat is all ears.


end rant

Bonus Edification
This video will not make you happy, but you have to see this.
Afterwards, meet me in Washington. And bring your pitchfork.

Extra Deluxe Irritating Bonus Fabulousness

fuck rush limbaugh
Clear Channel is going broke but they pay Rush $100 million.
Fuck Rush Limbaugh.

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Today's Google Chow.
Football player being led to slaughter.
"The setting sun danced across a small tear as I watched him being led onto the truck. I'd given the big fellow the best life I could but this was the end for him. Carl was the best offensive lineman I ever raised, he was a champion, and he was my friend. That day I quit the 4H Club and never returned."