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The Family Circus Homicide Advent Calendar, Day Sixteen: Goodbye, Dolly

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You Are Everywhere

you are hereWhilst perusing a topic on outlining the relative size of the universe I found the following snippet on the subject that you might find interesting.


Imagine you scoop up a handful of sand. You have approximately 10000 grains of sand in your hand.

If every star in the milky way was a grain of sand it would fill one olympic sized swimming pool. Thats 2500 cubic metres of sand.

If every galaxy in the observable universe was a grain of sand it would fill 3 olympic sized swimming pools.

It is estimated there are 70 sextillion (70 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 0) stars in the universe. Thats 70 times the estimated number of grains of sand on earth.

70 times.

If the milky way was the size of Asia then our little solar system would be the size of a quarter.

If the entire universe was a cube which measured 20 miles across on each axis then all the matter in the universe collected into one place (stars, planets, asteroids and you!) would be the size of a grain of sand. (Dark matter not included until we know what it is.)

So tell me again what the heck we're celebrating on December 25th. Because if it's supposed to be significant, it's a very insignificant significance.


Now that I've questioned your most sacred beliefs why not spite me (Oh, wait... that's a mortal sin. Dang, this is hard.) by performing a Christmas miracle and feeding the poor.

All you have to do is visit the Second Harvest/Feeding America website and donate a few bucks to your local food bank.

And thanks.


end rant

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The Family Circus Homicide Advent Calendar, Day 16: Goodbye, Dolly.
Her My Size Barbie lay by the bed,
now graced by Dolly's titular head.