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Raging Pencils by Mike "Lefty" Stanfill

Jesus, 1976

If Jesus had been born in 1976.

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Dead Center

dead endWhen Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold shot and murdered their fellow students at Columbine High School the immediate hue and cry from American gun-crazies was that "Them blessed angels would still be alive today if we'd allowed them to pack heat, just like God's own Second Amendment says they should."

So today 12 people were killed and 31 people were injured at Fort Hood by a lone gunman armed with just two handguns. I'm not an expert in maritime explosive capability but this tragedy sort of blows the aforementioned theory right out of the water, doesn't it? I realize that not every soldier on the base was armed but, still, it's an army base. The largest in the world. You'd think someone there would be armed, just in case an election broke out.

We of course all mourn the death these soldiers. That the assailant appears to have snapped as a result of stress due to the war in Afghanistan only makes the event doubly tragic.


On a slightly less depressing note, it's my birthday. I am blessed by good fortune to have made it this far with all my limbs intact so all I want to say is that I accept your pity.


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Caption: If jesus had been born in 1976.
Jesus: "Hello, son of god talking here! King of the jews and all that stuff! Maaan! What does a guy have to do to get crucified around here?"

Little beggar boy with "need iphone" sign: "Consider running as a moderate Republican."