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Raging Pencils by Mike "Lefty" Stanfill

Penguins need to wear name tags.

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For Your Own Good

flagging patriotismThe following is the story of three innocent men:

(1) He was arrested in 2002 and flown by the CIA to Morocco where he was tortured for next eighteen months. He was then shipped to Guantanimo where he was imprisoned until being released without charge in early 2009.

(2) He was a Canadian, arrested in New York City in 2002 after returning from a vacation. He was flown by the CIA to Syria where he was imprisoned in a coffin-sized cell for nearly a year, at which time he was released without charges.

(3) He was arrested by the U.S. in 2003 and held in an undisclosed location until 2006. He was then released into Pakistan. By the rime he reached the doorstep of his home he was badly beaten and weighed 80 pounds. He died a few weeks later.

All three of these men, Binyam Mohammed, Maher Arar and Saud Memon were victim of the bogus "war on terror", a ruinous plan designed to allow governments, ours included, free reign to trample on the few remaining rights we may yet have. It has not resulted in a single conviction of a known terrorist or stop a planned attack but is, in fact, currently used as an excuse to practice murder in sovereign countries like Pakistan.

How long before predator drones hover over your city as an excuse to keep you "safe"?

None of the three men mentioned above made you, as an American citizen, any less free. But having a government that condones such barbarism, does.


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Today's Google Chow.

Scene: Two penguins
Penguin 1: "Man, am I mortified. All this time I've been putting the moves on Susie Pomeroy, but it turns out it was my cousin Frankie!"
Other penguin: "Dude! We have got to start wearing name tags!"