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Raging Pencils by Mike "Lefty" Stanfill

Michael Jackson reincarnates as a cheeseburger.

Unfortunately for the former Michael Jackson, Marvin Hinkleman had spent the last ten minutes cursing the day he’d bought those cheap hearing-aid batteries.

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start rant

Behind the Curtain

wiz of ozI'm bummed.

I had planned on scooping-up the beloved girlfriend earlier this evening and whisking her off to see the Wizard of Oz. New prints of this classic film were making a one-night-only appearance all over the U.S. but both our schedules tragically hit the brick wall of apoplectic client desires, crusty with the remnants of abrased forehead skin, so we'll both have to settle for flying monkeys on the little screen for the nonce.


Somewhat less bumming, though bothersome all the same, I was idly checking Raging Pencils web logs for October and I thought I'd see which of the 330+ RP cartoons was the least viewed. To my surprise it was this one from 11-5-08, the night Mr. Obama won the White House, saving us all from the embarrassment of that scheming lunatic, Sarah Palin.

It's actually one of my favorite creations as it at once makes fun of John McCain's plagiarized war anecdote while at the same time welcomes a vital change in the fortunes of this country.

The reason it was lightly attended is easy to surmise as, chronologically, it's just about in the middle of the cartoon pack and most people either start reading them from the beginning or the end. Most poop out long before reaching the half-way point.

So it's no big deal, no reflection on the cartoon or our new president, just an interesting statistical anomaly.

While I'm on the subject, the all-time, hands-down most-read RP cartoon is this one.

Gosh, I can hardly imagine why. <smile>


At the urging of several emails I'd like to proffer the following clarification regarding the comic above:

Considering all the varieties of world-wide religious belief wouldn't it be a boon to us all if the One True Hairy Thunderer would one day set aside his obsessive notation of falling sparrows and make a televised appearance in an effort to set the record straight, to alert the vast majority of the devout to the error of their pious ways?

After all, what if the real path to eternal cosmic wisdom happened to be, say, Hinduism, which preaches reincarnation? Who's to say that a famous pop star wouldn't return as a humble microbe nestled comfortably atop two all-beef patties as a result of a botched attempt at hand-cleansing?

And what if the possessor of that happy little meal missed the whole announcement as a result of a malfunctioning hearing device, thus setting in motion the next great adventure for our little microbe? If, indeed, it was aware of anything at all.

It might make a good comic. And, then again, I could just be jerking-off.


end rant

Raging Pencils salutes the Mystery Reader of
Liberia, Costa Rica
Whoever you are, thanks for reading my overzealous little 'toon.

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Today's Google Chow.

Hamburger joint. Man at table. God on TV again.

God: "This is God, again, reminding everyone that the Hindu's got it right. Goodnight, everybody!"
Hamburger thinks: "Phew! That was close."

Caption: Unfortunately for the former Michael Jackson, Marvin Hinkleman had spent the last ten minutes cursing the day he’d bought those cheap hearing-aid batteries.