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Raging Pencils by Mike "Lefty" Stanfill

One man's martyr is another man's messiah.

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B-Seeing You

b-25In 1942 America was getting its big, fat heinie kicked all over the Pacific by Imperial Japan's war machine. Because of this the public mood in America was dour and there was some talk of coming to terms with the Japanese. As the raw materials of southeast Asia (oil, rubber, mostly oil) were too rich a treasure to simply abandon the military made a bold gambit to hearten the electorate while our industry was still frantically gearing up to fight a two-front war.

His name was Jimmy Doolittle, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. air force and he worked up the remarkable idea of launching B-25 bombers from an aircraft carrier deep in the North Pacific to strike at the heart of the enemy. The idea was designed to sow doubt among the people of Japan about the veracity and reliability of its leaders.

So on February 3, 1942 sixteen heavily-modified bombers lumbered into the air from the deck of the USS Hornet, 650 miles from Japan. Six hours later they began their bombing run and history was made. No other bomber was ever launched from a carrier the rest of the war, and no B-25 has ever made a longer attack flight. None of the planes were shot down and most of the crews survived by either crash-landing or bailing-out in China. One crew landed in Russia.

As expected, the attack both heartened the American public, who celebrated its success, and altered the scope and range of Japan's defensive posture as they now realized they weren't quite an invincible as they once believed. Jimmy Doolittle was hailed a hero and was eventually awarded the Medal of Honor.

Then there's 9-11, where 19 men commandeered four airliners and, as we all know, crashed them into three important buildings. In a way, this was similar to Doolittle's attack as it was meant to remind the American public they were not as safe as they thought. In this, our enemies were entirely correct.

Here's what puzzles me, though... why is it we don't hear the names of these men mentioned as heroes or martyrs from their native lands? The answer is they were neither heroes nor martyrs, just patsies. In fact, of the 19 men named on the list of hijackers, at least 9 are still alive. The FBI shrugs this off as a result of "stolen identities", but if FBI knew that then why release the list with incorrect information? This is just another of the many, many pieces of the 9-11 puzzle that don't fit. (One of the biggest is the mystery of Building Seven).

I'm not comparing Jimmy Doolittle with the hijackers (if , indeed, there were any humans on those planes at all), I'm comparing their results as they were both small parts of much larger plans designed to tighten America's grip on the world's oil reserves.

It's always about the oil. Always.


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One moonlit night, in a field, in the middle of nowhere.
Man One: "You know, it's possible that Jesus wasn't the last and only redeemer of mankind."
Man Two: "You're suggesting that the new martyrdom might turn out to be lethal injection."
Man Three: "Or flying planes into buildings."