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Raging Pencils by Mike "Lefty" Stanfill

Capital punishment health insurance

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Know Your Scumbag, Numero 9-O

Cleve KillingsworthThis is Cleve Killingsworth, CEO of Blue Cross/Blue Shield. His salary jumped 25% to $3.5 million last year, even though the company's net income slid 49%.

Mr. Killingsworth's company is similar to several insurance company's at the moment in that they are denying coverage if a woman has been raped.

As an example, a 28-year-old woman was recently raped and while at the hospital revealed she'd also been assaulted when she was 17. Blue Cross summarily denied payment for her treatment and would not pay for medication or trauma because "she had been raped before".

Another example, though not a client of Blue Cross, was drugged and raped by two men she met at a bar. After taking anti-AIDS medicine she can no longer get health insurance. The irony? She was a former health insurance underwriter.

For more details on these stories, go here.

Punishing women for sexual trauma is disgusting. This would not happen under a single-payer plan. Contact your congressman today.

Addendum: Blue Cross is sending out the following postage-paid card encouraging people to oppose the public option. Don't throw it away. Just... modify it a little:

blue cross blue shield


Picture Perfect

Crumb bibleOver the decades I have really enjoyed cartoonist Robert Crumb's works. Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural, that guy that says "Keep on truckin'!"

I've got the entire collection of The Complete Crumb Comics (softcover, not hardback, wahhhhh!) plus a zillion underground comics all featuring his demented creations. It's not only his beautiful penmanship that I admire but his outrageously unselfconscious and uncensored stories. He may look like a little nerd but it takes a real man to expose one's psyche so nakedly.

For the past few years he's been out of the artistic loop and the reason is that he's taken four years to illustrate Genesis, the first book of the Bible. It went on sale in September and I've already received my copies. Yes, "copies". Winter Solstice is coming and I have lots of friends to apall.

So here's my first impression of the book: The pictures help reveal what a bizarre load of bat-shit crazy nonsense the Bible truly is. It's astonishing to see God create mortals in his own image and then almost immediately drown them all, save for a handful of lucky souls. It's a portait of a petty, all-powerful personae that can't do things right. It's hilarious.

Of course, the devout wont see it that way, mainly because they won't be reading the book. It's got nudity in it, you see. And you can't have nudity even if God made us all nede in the first place. More unintentional hilarity.

What astonishes me almost as much as the artwork is the fact that he's hand-lettered all of Genesis. That in itself is a remarkable feat. Just consider how much effort that requires   and then think about illustrating what you've just written. Mr. Crumb deserves some sort of medal for this achievement and I hope he gets a bunch of them.

If you'd like a copy for yourself you can find them at

You can view the first few chapters here though it appears the art has been distorted a bit for reasons of reproduction.

PS, for a much more reasoned and learned dissection of this book allow me to recommend Kelpy Wilson's article to be found on


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Goon before the bench.

Judge: "...and though your crimes require no less than the ultimate penalty our society no longer embraces capital punishment, therefore I've no choice but to sentence you to be covered by American health insurance. May Humana have mercy on your soul."