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Raging Pencils by Mike "Supra-orbital" Stanfill

nuclear devastation

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The Republi-Con Game

"Money often costs too much." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

skinny piggy bankLong Story Short: How did I know Bush would be a disaster? I'm not pig-fucking-ignorant.

The White House has projected a $490 billion-dollar federal deficit next year. That should come as no surprise as that was pretty much their plan all along.

What? You mean you believed the Criminal-In-Chief when he said, as long ago as 2000, that his tax cuts for the rich would balance the budget by 2008? Anyone who bought that all-too-obvious lie should automatically be excluded from participation in future elections as they're obviously too dense to discern reality from noise.

The crooks who have run this country, into the ground as it turns out, for the past eight years have not missed a single opportunity to leave the government hanging by it's last thread on their way out the door. At every turn they've shoveled boatloads of federal dollars to cronies and good old boys, and the biggest flim-flam of all was the Iraq war.

Forget , for the moment, all of the Haliburton's and KBR's that are currently swimming in no-bid troughs. The first clue that the Bushies had no intention of ever leaving that country was when we dismantled its army almost immediately after the occupation began.

Why was that important? Because it meant our military now had to stay there and protect the people of Iraq from, well, themselves as it turns out. Complicating matters was the fact we sent too few soldiers, which allowed foreign insurgencies, backed by Saudi Arabian wajabiist's, to take hold.

Every year we've been there has allowed Blackwater to grow more dangerous, and allowed KBR to kill more soldiers with bad food and crummy plumbing, and for Haliburton to just generally soak the US taxpayer at every opportunity.

To make matters worse, the war was financed by selling bonds to China and Saudi Arabia. All those dollars had to be replaced by newly-minted, inflationary dollars. Which is why the Dollar has dropped in value so precipitously over the past five years. You now pay more for a war that gets more expensive every day.


The worst part? The bill for the Iraq/Afghanistan war is ala carte, it doesn't even count against the $490 billion dollar budget deficit.

It was just icing on the Neocon cake.

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"Legend has it all the humans avoided nuclear devestation by escaping to another galaxy in a big, magical spaceship. Yup, even in times of crisis those monkeys never lost their heads."