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"Never express yourself more clearly than you think."- Neils Bohr

cupcake brainI mentioned in my last rant about how much I loathed Batman: The Dark Knight. Let's add more fuel to that fire. Here's the conversation that Bats, no doubt, had within himself off-camera late in the film:

"With my new, secret sonar-based, total information system I now know Joker's every move. Now I'll just wait until he falls into an exhausted sleep and then take him without a struggle... OR I could wait until he's surrounded himself with armed henchmen in a fortress barricaded with the bodies of hostages, generally putting my life and the lives of hundreds of others in danger. Yeah, that'll work."


On a lighter note, consider how much different the movie WALL-E would have been had the video tape the Brave Little Trash-Compactor continually viewed and reviewed been Deep Throat... or Sweeney Todd. Had he seen Ishtar he probably would have personally mounted a planetary defense system just in case the humans decided to return and film the sequel.

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