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Raging Pencils by Mike "galapagos" Stanfill

Evolution in action.

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The Festivus For the Rest of Us

“Peace doesn't need a freakin moral, ethical, economical, or political qualification; war does. Peace doesn't ravage, plunder, rape, or kill; war does. Peace does not need justification, war does.”-unknown

Where's my cold war peace dividend?

Didn't we labor for decades under the delusion that once communism was soundly trounced the world would once again be a happy and magical place for our children? In truth it was, once we got a President who actually read his security memos. For about eight years our military basically got to goof off while the rest of us went about our business without having to worry about our young men facing annihilation in some desert hell-hole or instant incineration at the hands of Russian nukes.

During that same all-too-brief era the rich got taxed a smidgen more and about a half million jobs were axed from federal payrolls. As a result, unemployment steadily went down, the deficit decreased and the middle class even had enough money left over at the end of the month to waste on such trivialities as the stock market and food.

But that golden period ended because of a little oral sex. If only Clinton had used the Republican Scorched Whore policy we'd all be flying in electric cars powered by moonbeams to visit our polar bear pals as President Gore tucked each and every one of us in at night.

But now the Cold War is back with a new name and we're again led to believe that we have enemies under every bed and in every closet. As a result of the new Neverending Conflict the middle class is going broke while everything costs more... a great deal more, and for apparantly no other reason than the merchants of death are allowed by this government to empty our pockets unchallenged.

The past few years have opened my eyes and taught me that the world is mostly populated by four kinds of people:

(1) Greedy and stupid.

You know these guys. They're the ones with the luxury condo, the 60" plasma TV, the two SUV's in the driveway
and about $1.98 in the bank. These good citizens want it all without having to be responsible for it.

(2) Greedy and not so smart.
These kind folks encompass anything from drug dealers to fundamentalist preachers to real estate salemen. These men chase a buck simply to make a buck, without regard for the wider implications of their actions. So what if the balloon payment was hidden in the fine print? Who cares if Grandma is living on the street because she deeded her worldy goods to the church? What difference does it make if your best customers die of overdose? There's always more suckers where they came from.

(3) Greedy and smart.
This crowd is composed of those who will do anything to accumulate more wealth, and I mean anything. Including orchestrating attacks on their own country so they can profit off the ensuing carnage. They cover their tracks by inventing big, obvious lies which are then promulagated through their media monopolies. These are criminals of the highest order, but they're safe because the first thing they do is make sure their friends are running the courts. Like I said, smart, although the more apt description would be "evil".

And then there's the rest of us.


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