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Raging Pencils by Mike "distributive" Stanfill

Run that funky government, white boy!

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The Other White Candidate

“At the heart of racism is the religious assertion that God made a creative mistake when He brought some people into being” - Friedrich Otto Hertz

This will probably come as no shock to you but I'm voting for the white guy for president in 2008.

Barack Obama.

Puzzled? Only if you think that someone who's half-black should be considered black when he could just as easily, using the same twisted logic, be considered white.

Are you starting to get an idea of how silly this whole black/white thing is?

I think you'll agree that competency is the virtue we all seek in our political leaders, but this didn't hold true in the last two elections when we elected an alcoholic, coke-sniffing, opportunistic, oil-corrupted, selfish little frat-boy to the post of commander-in-chief. Perhaps if the corporate-controlled press had actually concerned themselves with revealing George Bush's failings as a human in 1999 we wouldn't be in the sad economic/foreign policy mess we are right now. And, as if it's even possible, we're getting even less forthright reporting concerning John McCain, better known as Bush II except without the charm, wit or perspicacity.

As for Obama, he's no saint but he's squeaky-clean compared to Bush/McCain. The best the press can do is dig at the scab of tangentials, the good Reverend Wright being the most obvious. However I, unlike most of America, took the trouble to look past the sound bites of the Rev's famous sermon. I found that i actually agree with him that America deserves to be damned more than praised for its misdeeds. Not all of us believe that the ends taken by our government justifies the means.

Obama is clearly, at his core, a decent, thoughtful human. He graduated Magna cum laude from Harvard Law School and he did it on his own, not as a legacy at his father's urging. This is not a C student this time, this is the real deal.

And in your heart you know he's white.


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