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Drink Up!

We already know that the nation's water supply is full of pharmaceuticals but is that what's making the behavior of politicians so puzzlingly predictable?

By that I mean, if you want to know what a politician is for these days just check his record about what he's against.

If he says he wants to leave no child behind then that means the right brain is officially an endangered species.

If he says he's against nation-building then that means he thinks he's Napoleon, Genghis Kahn and Julius Caesar all rolled into one.

If he says he's for increased security then that means he's working for increased instability.

If he says he's pro-life that means he can't wait to put your sons and daughter in mortal danger in a foreign country.

If he says he never had sex with an intern, then he had sex with an intern.

If he says he's a straight talker then that means he's lying out both sides of his mouth.

If he says he's a compassionate conservative, that means he's an arrogant spendthrift.

And if he says he wants to get to the bottom of the sub-prime loan crisis then that means Karl Rove knows where he stashes his prostitutes.


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