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Sleazy cheapshot

Total Cheapshot

Okay, this one is a total cheapshot. Mea culpa and all that jazz.

Y'see, George Bush isn't dumb enough to go nosing around for WMD's because he knew a long time ago there weren't any. Not in the dryer and certainly not in Iraq. He's still Numero Uno among heartless bastards but he's smarter than your basic crack addict...barely.

The dumb ones in this equation are the vast majority of the U.S. populace who gather all the news they know about the Middle East from the 20 seconds of news snippets crammed between the latest in news and sports at twenty past the hour on their local KRCK-FM, or its nearest equivalent.

Yes, there's cable news but except for parroting happy talking points from Dick Cheney or the latest in twat  shots from the newest starlet you're hard-pressed for real information there, too.

I'd recommend that you visit bbc.com or aljazeera.com but I'd just be wasting my pixels as those of you that already visit those sites know what I'm talking about, while those that could use the info still think King George already found his WMD's. I mean, would the Dog Pound Krew with Kelly and Steve lie?


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