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Smell and Stop the Turdblossoms

Karl Rove's entire professional life has consisted mostly of thinking up sleazy, underhanded tricks to play on his employer's political opponents. It says something about the dismal values of conservative Americans that they accept his vulgar ministrations as necessary to the proper functioning of Republican politics.

There has never been, to my recollection, an analogous Democratic counterpart to Mr. Rove. Certainly there are Democratic operatives that strategize and triangulate situationally in order to benefit their candidate, but no one on Obama's or Clinton's staff ever placed hidden listening devices in their bosses offices and blamed it on the other party. This Rove did for his client, Bill Clements, back in the mid 80s. The FBI subsequently found that the bug was so woefully inadequate as a listening device (its battery ran dry after mere hours) that it was obviously just a plant, though no charges were ever filed. But its dirty work had been done and Bill Clements went on to win a very tight race for Texas governor.

Although I applaud a bit of harmless mischief-making I have to say that if my representative to Congress visibly employed someone with such an odious resume' as Karl Rove's I'd be in his office the next day doing a little 'bugging' of my own.


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It’s great living in the country, Herbert. Where else can you hear a cow calling to its calf, see a lark building its nest in a cache of reeds, smell the aroma of puppies beng sacrificed to Cthulhu over at Karl Rove’s place?