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More Expensive by the Dozen

The brilliant cartoonist Ed Subitzky once created an hilarious cartoon describing what it takes to get laid on a planet where gender is comprised of twelve seperate sexes. Just for his own amusement each sex was named after a letter of the Greek alphabet, from Alpha all the way to Mu.

The cartoon appeared in the February 1974 edition of the National Lampoon magazine, the "Strange Sex" issue. You can read the whole story here but it's a big download for you dial-up users so consider yourself warned. It's also a little blurry in places but whaddaya expect from a 33-year-old magazine? Regardless, you won't regret it.

This one comic, almost more than anything else in my maturing post-adolescent world, gave me a true sense of the limited scope of human sexuality.

And for that I was truly thankful, for it illustrated how lucky I am to face raging hormones only once every 28 days, rather than eleven times a month. Thank you, Zeus.

Technical Note: This cartoon was originally titled "Marty in shipping saves his ass" but I forgot it had a title and neglected to draw in god's word balloon. But the gag is perfectly understandable without the title and, besides, lettering is a big fat pain in the keister.


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Marty? God. Yeah, listen, what am I supposed to do with all this y chromosome? What's that? Aggression? War? Sex? Football? Hmm, come to think of it, parthenogenesis can go screw itself.