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wesson colt bb-gun

Al you can't eat.

All You Can't Eat.

Some day we, as Americans, are going to look back fondly on these as the good old days - when the government was Constitutionally barred from quartering a soldier in our homes. Apart from the second part of the 2nd Amendment that's about the only one of the original ten that's not been structurally neutered or discarded.

Freedom of the press? Not when the media is owned by just six people, and those six people see the media as just a tool to get the people they like elected. The same candidates who'll write the laws that favor more media consolidation, including the internet.

Freedom of religion? Not when the money says "In God We Trust" instead of "In God We Trust?"

Search and seizure? No way, Jose. Not as long as 'keeping the children safe from drugs' also has the added benefit of allowing the government to imprison anyone they choose.

Hello, Patriot Act.
Goodbye, Amendments 5, 6, 7 & 8.

The 9th Amendment has become a better tool for enumerating what rights you don't have than those you do. I think.

The 10th and final Amendment, though largely neglected, has proved to be, in fact, a very effective tool for screwing up national elections and limiting the sale of dildos. So there's always that.


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