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Hold that tiger stew

Shoah Me The Way To Go Home.

Why don't we eat tigers? Why can't we run down to the local Piggly Wiggly and pick up a pound of baby back elephant ribs, or a standing cobra roast, or some summer hippo sausage anytime the mood strikes us?

As we all know, Americans limit their carnivorous palates to basically three forms of terrestrial life - pigs, chickens, and cattle. But what the heck is so special about them that they're about the only animals we eat?

The answer is simple... they're cheap to raise, process and sell. It doesn't take a genius to realize that a chicken is much more cost effective than an orangutan, even though monkey meat might make Porterhouse steak taste like shoe leather. Bacon may be the sweetest tasting murder in town but it could be the gustatory equivalent of a Yugo. But you'll never know, will you, yank?

Americans are stuck with the three basic protein's as they long ago gave up being curious about what goes into their mouths. All they care about is if it's cheap and fast. Just don't try to tell them where it came from or how it got there.

The fresh water supply in this world is at critical levels, and when it finally gives out and the crops won't grow and the cows all die, guess which bipedal butt is going to be next on the menu?

After all, meat is meat, right?

By the numbers - Animals slaughtered yearly in America:

Chickens: 9 billion
(More than all the people in the world)
Pigs: 100 million
(Equal to the population of Germany)
Cows: 41 million
(More than all the people in Poland)


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