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Dick Cheney rewrites the Lord of the Rings


George Orwell, he of "1984" fame, once wrote, "Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past."

We're currently burdened by a government that has taken Mr. Orwell more to heart more than any fundamentalist Baptist who ever mambo-ed with a mamba. But worse than simply employing his writings to make peace = war this cabal of quislings is presently hell-bent, so to speak, on delivering the government into the hands of the religious Right by the simple expediency of rewriting history.

The most popular Conservative meme of the day is that the U.S. was founded as a Christian nation, and recent polls reveal this to be majority belief, though only by a small margin.

America, in truth, was populated almost entirely by those desiring to either own this land or rape this land. Usually both and hopefully with a slave at the end of the tether. God seldom entered into the equation except when some luckless pioneer was down to his last canteen on his way to the next Paradise.

Yes, there were the famous bands of pilgrims who came to this country but they were a mere drop in the immigrant tide. It's much more important to remember that they came here to escape the yoke of government-prescribed religion, one which interfered with their own beliefs. They referred to this as "religious persecution".

But it's only persecution if you're the little guy, and four-hundred years later these religious Davids have become the Goliaths. Organized religion has always fed on the fear of death, but lately it preys on ignorance as science has simply become too complicated for the common man to comprehend, a fact the church knows all too well. It currently panders to an audience unwilling to do its homework, offering them the honeyed teat of the supernatural in lieu of the hard slog of solid fact, but what it wants to do is to write the laws. Because when all judgements come from "on high" then that's when you'll know you're in hell.

I fervently hope for a new generation of leaders who will work to lead us of out of this dark and unpromising era because there's no other "promised land" from which to escape the persecutions inevitably to come.


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censored comic
Dick Cheney rewrites The Lord of the Rings.
And so, thanks to Kellogg, Balrog, and Root, the Ring was returned to Sauron, Middle Earth plunged into an endless war and everyone (who mattered) lived profitably ever after.