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womb with a view

Womb With A View.

Years ago my then-teenaged nephew and I would hit the local multiplex on weekends and skulk from theatre to theatre all day, watching whatever was convenient. On one occasion we found ourselves literally the only two primates in possession of their y-chromosomes in a room packed with teens, tweens, and all those in-between.

I have mercifully forgotten the title of this estrogen-laden epic but it involved a high school student and her young hunk who unexpectedly found themselves WHOOPS! pregnant. For the next eighty minutes everything that could go wrong in their two little extremely photogenic lives, did.

There was hormonal distress, romantic betrayal, poverty, hunger and, worst of all, homework. Each plot twist somehow got a little dumber than the last and I began praying for a murder-suicide pact if only to somehow brighten this inanity. Indeed, with just minutes to go such an ending seemed inevitable. There was much rejoicing.

However, this movie turned out to be a wet dream of the religious Right, funneled through the Hollywood propaganda machine, as just nanoseconds before the credits rolled everything turned out hunky-dory. The nuclear family, such as it was, prevailed. Happiness reigned.

Since then I've been keenly aware of a seemingly endless string of such melodramatic swill celebrating similar episodes of reproductive lunacy, not the least of which is this new film, Juno. Its message of "Okay, white girls, and only white girls, its FUN to have babies for rich, barren white women" has more than a whiff of eugenics to it.

And lest you suspect I'm too cynical, please tell me the last time you saw the cinematic antithesis of Juno--- a mainstream film featuring a young African-American female enjoying a normal, healthy, vibrant sexual relationship, not ending up pregnant and going on to lead a happy and productive life.

Where's the wish-fulfillment in that?


PS: Cracked.com did a brilliantly, snarkalicious take on the movie. Go read it here.

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