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Mad cow disease
A scene from "28 Filets Later".

Mad Movie-goer Disease.

Allow me to apologize up front for foisting another movie-based gag on you as I generally find this sort of thing endemic of lazy writing. It's just that I've had this embryonic "mad cow" joke pinballing around in my head for some time but I just couldn't find the perfect square premise into which to pound its square conclusion.

Then last night I watched "28 Days Later" for the very first time, for free, and it was worth every penny I didn't pay. Thank you, tv-links.cc, and the anonymous Chinese server which hosted the tiny, grainy, subtitled file.

As I suspected, it was another atrocious example of 12-years-old boys writing movies for 13-year-old boys, a technique Hollywood employs much too often and one of the few reasons I could find to not support the writers strike.

The movie, in case you haven't seen it and thank your lucky stars if you haven't, contained all the worst parts of "Halloween" and "Dawn of the Dead" clumped together in a festering, underlit ball. The only cool parts were the empty cities and the possible rape of a young girl, but these were both special effect so no one got hurt.

In a way I'm thankful for this movie as its premise was such utter, cretinous nonsense that it single-handedly saves this gag from plummeting into the fiery pits of allegory.

Doesn't it?


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