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escargot shell mollusk
Slime per gallon
"Sure, those SUV's have plenty of escargot
space, Herb, but it's really gonna hammer
your slime per gallon."

The Whine Steward

I consider myself a good steward of the Earth. I recycle studiously because I know there is no 'someplace else'. I keep my thermostat ridiculously low in winter (60) and uncomfortably high in summer (80). I once went an entire summer without air-conditioning just to see what it was like before A/C... in Texas! It wasn't bad but I doubt I used any less energy with all the fans I had on as opposed to just using the A/C.

Several years ago I stopped eating meat as a pragmatic protest against the damage the meat industry has cumulatively done to the health of our planet, and to ourselves. I miss BBQ, burgers and bacon (Ah, bacon...sweet, sweet, murder) but I haven't yielded to temptation or convenience since I swore off animal proteins. Allow me to introduce you my pal, the lentil.

But I'm a bad boy when it comes to cars as the one I drive is 43 years old and only gets about 18mpg. Worse, it probably spews more noxious fumes into the air than Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh combined. (No, wait, that's impossible, but you get my drift.) You might not be wrong if you think I'm the last guy who needs to be making fun of SUV's. Except for two things...

I work from home and so only use about 8 gallons of gas per month, if that. So if I'm burdening the air quality, it's not very much.

And the car is a 1965 Mustang convertible. I bought it 34 years ago and it's the only car I've owned in all that time. No, you can't have it.


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