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Moo goo gai barf
"The trouble with Chinese food is you eat it, you barf it up, you roll around in it, you eat it again, and you're hungry twenty minutes later."

It Is Now Or Never

Sometimes, when the mood struck him, I'll bet Pablo Picasso created something wonderful using only Kraft Green Goddess salad dressing, or any other handy condiment, just to break up the Barceloneon monotony. Somewhere out there is a sensitive, cubist portrait of the Madonna and child, crafted entirely of pimento's, his Green Period, just waiting to be discovered.

Similary, this gag makes no significant commentary about the political right but I liked it so much I said "screw the concept" and used it anyway. I doubt anyone but me really pays that much attention but I thought I'd preemptively explain the situation to salve the ire of the anal retentive's out there who seemingly live to proclaim grammatical fatwah's when chancing upon an inaccurate use of the word "its".

You know who you are, and I love you anyway.

For those of you out there that like dogs, don't worry. I got some good cat jokes in the pipeline. Gimme time.


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