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London bridge is falling down.

Tazed and Confused

The seemingly unstoppable march that America is making towards becoming a full-fledged police state truly alarms me, much more than any foreign threat that doesn't involve a massive trade deficit. Much of this blame I lay at the feet of a populace that would so easily trade its freedom for an imagined security. The 'slippery slope' factor has resulted in our current state of being tazed and confused.

So I decided to write a Homeland Security joke, a process comparable in difficulty to grabbing one's ass with either hand, but drawing it is another matter.

I had originally decided on having little Billy confined to a small cubicle, confronted by a good cop and a bad cop. While the good cop entreated "Easy, Frank! He's a just a kid!" the bad cop was threatening Billy with his little friend, the "Black Noogie".

However, when I actually drew a kid being threatened by goons the humor sort of winnowed away, so I twisted the joke a bit to leave more to the imagination.


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