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That's Show-Biz!

"It is hard to free fools from chains they revere."
- Voltaire

Long Story Short: Look up "cognitive dissonance".

dancing bearThink about this:

What if Barack Obama, instead of picking Joe Biden as his vice-president, surprised us all with his choice of a progressive version of Sarah Palin? Say, for sake of argument, comedian Sarah Silverman? She's undeniably brilliant, younger than Palin by a moose's age and I don't know a single guy who wouldn't hop at the chance to bone her even IF Jimmy Kimmel was there first, or fifteenth.

However, without doubt the collective response of every Democrat on Earth would have been a rousing and immediate "HELL NO!"

As unbelievably cool as a vice-president Silverman would have been you'd have to be dumber than a box of hammers to think she'd be actually capable of running the country should, for instance, some skinhead take it upon himself to give Mr. Obama a "Kennedy Haircut" with a high-powered, semi-automatic set of hair-clippers.

Politics, for all intents and purposes, is not showbiz. And vice versa. Love ya, Silver Lady, but no.

As for Ms. Palin a
lmost everything we initially learned about her has turned out to be a blatant fabrication, and it's clear to anyone who cares to check the facts that she's nothing but a phony and an opportunist.

What I'm trying to point out here is that the Republican Party faithful have revealed themselves as the complete morons they are by accepting Ms. Palin at face value. But it's worse than that.

The real truth is that the Republican candidate for either position doesn't matter as they don't work for the people, they work for the corporations. That's why Mr. McCain has completely flip-flopped on all of his core-values, except abortion, to get the nod. He understands that he's only there to dance to the tune his masters choose, just like Bush, and Bush's father and Reagan have all done before him. Much to the ruin of this country.

For that reason, McCain could have introduced a dancing bear as his vice-president and the celebration would have been near identical. But that's no surprise as McCain is, himself, nothing more than that self-same dancing bear. A one-trick POW.

Barack Obama did not finance his campaign on corporate donations. It was paid for by people like you and me, and he did it that way for a reason because he's gonna change things, baby. And then we'll all be dancing.


end rant

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John's brother Joe teaches 911 that they can't sass a McCain.

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