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The progressive comic about why Trump won't testify.

end rant

Das Goot Aulde Days

There's this twisted nostalgia being passed around by smooth-brained Americans who seem to remember the four Trump White House years as being a virtual paradise for one and all.

I guess that paradise must include bloating the debt significantly rather than keeping his campaign promise to eliminate it in four years.

I guess it would include jailing Hillary or swapping the ACA for a brand new, beautiful health care". Neither of which happened.

I guess it must include the million or so Americans who died in agony from Covid because Trump sold all the preventive equipment to foreigners and then went golfing, presumably delighted by the prospect of Blue-staters dying in droves in the early days of the pandemic.

Should we even waste time mentioning his Wall? Or, as those in the know understand it, "A brutal process of child separation designed to allocate millions, possibly billions of tax dollars to cronies running junior concentration camps for children, and maybe a little child sex-trafficking on the side."

Yeah, that paradise.


The next time AOC is forced to communicate with MTG it might go better for both if Ms. Cortez expressed her concerns in German.


Funny how Trump's family isn't supporting him with their presence in court, though it's no surprise that Melania is AWOL. She evidently has just enough of a sense of shame to make sitting in court uncomfortable while watching as Trump is colorfully painted as horn-dog with a mushroom meatus. I hope whichever personal trainer she's currently blowing right now assures her that she's still a good person.

The Trump "marriage" is so obviously cold that if Donald ever went down on Melania, well, let me put it this way....

Remember the kid in "A Christmas Story" who stuck his tongue on a frozen flagpole?


Trump's "freezing" episode seems to be nothing more than just the traitorous orange turd pitching an internal fit over a malfunctioning teleprompter. Yes, we all wanted the glitch to be a sign that his brain was being eaten by worms, though that's still possible, but it's still a solid indication of his diminishing mental faculties that he was unable to ad-lib, even for a few seconds, a speech he's doubtlessly recited dozens of times. Instead, he chose to stand there in salience, angrily chewing the inside of his cheek, waiting for the pretty letters to resume crawling up the screen. One has to ponder how long he would have waited had the infernal mechanism never come back on-line?

Public speakers have been using teleprompters for decades and the devices probably malfunction quite often but most users have had the humility to either publicly address the problem or the mental nimbleness to work around it. Trump possess neither of those qualities.

That is the real problem.

- Lefty

end rant

Leftaculous News for May 20, 2024

Trump springs surprise witness. It does not go well.

Trump 'glitched' during campaign speech.

Trump's court-napping may be a middle-finger to the jury. Yeah, THERE'S a good idea.

Iranian PM, Ebrahim Raisi, dies in helicopter crash. Burn in Hell, ya theocratic rat-bastard.

There's a new Trump bio-pic called "The Apprentice". It's not a love story.

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Why Trump won't testify
Attorney: Mr. Trump, do you really weight 239 pounds?
Trump: Yes! No! Maybe! Judge! This incessant badgering is pure torture! I can't stand it! I, I think I'm passing out!
Judge: (Sigh) Counsel, please go on to your second question.

The progressive comic about Trump in court.

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