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The progressive comic about easy access to guns

end rant

Reality Has A Liberal Bias (YMMV)

This comic is not sexy. I know that. It's not sexy in the way that a cartoon not featuring Trump being fed head first into a wood-chipper is not sexy. Maybe next time. Tonight I just needed the comic equivalent of a good book in my lap, a glass of pinot noir in my hand and a dog doing my taxes.

See you Monday.


Texas AG Ken Paxton's primitive beliefs about human sexuality has resulted in Pornhub totally locking-out the entire state of Texas rather than submit to Paxton's pointless demand to require age verification.

So now Texans, especially Texas children (Who Paxton is using as pawns in this fascistic First Amendment assault) can no longer see people fucking online, but there's nothing to stop them from watching news clips that shows people killing one another.

To reiterate: Fucking, the finest thing two people can do to one another, is now a bad thing to watch if you live in Texas.

Killing, the worst thing two people can do to one another (or lunatics with guns in schools), continues to be suitable for Texans of all ages.

(Thank you, George Carlin for that inspirational bit of insight.)

Maybe what Paxton is most concerned about is that someday a piece of video featuring him and a pair of underage, incontinent cheerleaders will pop up on an online adult site.

Kudos to you, Pornhub, for jamming both thumbs square into Ken Paxton's beady little eyes.


Dems: "You didn't care that Judge Thomas ruled in Trump's favor on the insurrectionist decision in order to protect his wife, who was working with the coup."

Reps: "Nope."

Dems: "You aren't bothered that Judge Cannon is threatening to throw out the classified document case against Trump, the person who put her on the bench."

Reps: "Nope"

Dems: "So why are you angry at Fani Willis for having a brief consensual fling outside of her duties regarding Trump's election interference case?"

Reps: "Because she's not a Republican!"

Dems: "Ah."


I sincerely hope I'm on the Trump enemies list. I mean, I've worked so harrrrrrd to (accurately) depict him as a despotic orange turd all these years.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for March 15, 2024

Judge McAfee cuts the baby in half for Trump's benefit in Georgia election interference case.

Does anyone really care that Mike Pence won't endorse Trump for dictator?

A major American political party is creating an enemies list. Guess which one it is. Go on, guess!

Vice-President Kamala Harris calls for the rescheduling of marijuana "quickly".

Boeing whistleblower was afraid his company was planning to kill him.

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The progressive comic about easy access to guns.

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