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The progressive comic about Donald Trump hating democracy.

end rant

Political Theater

Biden and Trump are kind of like brothers in any family.

Joe was the oldest. His parents treasured him but expected much from him, and so he was raised to be responsible, respectful and educated.

Trump was the brat who got everything he wanted because the parents were too tired by then to care.


Regarding that head-scratching Alabama Supreme Court ruling on frozen embryos...

Funny how that judgment came down about the same time as the revelations and arrest of Alexander Smirnov. "Oh, look! A bright and shiny object. Sure hope it doesn't push evidence of Russian-backed Republican treason off the front pages."

Also funny how the Alabama Attorney General says he has no intention of prosecuting anyone involved with in vitro fertilization. And that his state's House and Senate are soon going to pass a bill stating "eggs is eggs, not children". And, furthermore, that the Alabammy Supreme Court is ugly and their mother dresses them funny.


The Alabama Congress notwithstanding, this nonsense about frozen embryos is just a peek behind the curtain at what evangelical nut-jobs with the reins of power plan for the future. It all begins with the Seven Mountain Mandate which states that very specific pockets of Jesus freaks should hold complete sway over family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business, and government.

Of course, religion is already balls-deep in family, business, entertainment, education and media but they mean total control, with neuro-transmitters in your brain-meat making sure you stay clear of the Kleenex and hand lotion on lonely Friday nights.

And if they do everything wrong, I mean, right then the End Times will arrive and all those heathens will start roasting in Hell, and these evangelical nit-wits will leave all the windows open in Heaven so they can enjoy the smell.


About those Trump sneakers... this is probably like one of those book-publishing deals where Conservative sugar-daddies buy thousands of books ghost-written for the Republican du jour and the tome suddenly appears as a New York Times best-seller. Meanwhile the "writer" walks away with zillions in free money, and it's legal. Always nice to have rich, unscrupulous friends when you're a poor unscrupulous politician.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for February 23, 2024

Did I forget to mention that Trump was voted the worst president EVER by really smart historians who know all about this stuff?

MAGA Republican pledges the "End of Democracy" to a room full of empty folding chairs at CPAC.

Fox News (Yes, of course it's Fox News) says that Black voters will support Trump now that he's selling really shitty and expensive sneakers.

A buncha Alabammy holy-roller Judges just decided that frozen embryos are children. Actual children. Frozen embryos. Yeah, you heard that right. Holy fuck-balls!

President Joe Biden cancels another $1.2 billion in student loan debt, over $150 billion in all.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

The marquee at the Liberty Theatre says Democracy.
Uncle Sam to ticket lady: Two adults, one child.
Biden: C'mon, man!
Trump, sitting in puddle of his own urine: It's stupid! I hate it!

The progressive comic about Donald Trump and his hatred of democracy.

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