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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's trials.


How will Trump die?

In bed with a pillow over his face?
Shanked by a jail-cell comrade?
Fed poisoned figs by Melania?
"Suicide" in his jail cell while the guards aren't looking?
A "heart attack" followed by a swift cremation?
Choking on the toy in his Happy Meal?
Brains bonked out by a loosely-gripped 9-iron?
Gunned down by a jealous fan of Kid Rock?
Certainly not of embarrassment as that requires shame.

This may sound harsh, and it isn't harsh enough by half, but if anyone deserves to die of drug overdose, it's Donald. If anyone's sons deserve to die of brain cancer, it's Donald's. If anyone's daughter deserves to die of an ectopic pregnancy, it's Donald's. If anyone's wife needs to be pushed down a flight of stairs and then buried on a golf course in a coffin full of classified documents, well, that would just be plain silly.


Speaking of death, isn't it odd how many people who die and are resuscitated report moving up into a light yet none ever report burning in a lake of fire.


CNBC just published its yearly ranking of state business climates based on ten criteria, like quality of the workforce, infrastructure, the economy, cost of doing business, quality of life, technology & innovation and business friendliness. The worst state in the Union, by far, in which to work and live was Texas. It did not place in the top twenty-five in any of the ten categories. (We got guns and no income tax, though, so, whoo-hoo!)

The other nine bottom-ranking states, from "best" to worst, were: Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana, Missouri, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Some may ask "Is Texas really that bad?" and then they read the reports of Governor Greg Abbott commanding state troopers to push immigrant children, even babies, back into the Rio Grande to possibly drown and they go "Ah. Yeah. Gotcha."


No Labels is not a political group. It's a group of wealthy fascists shoveling money into whichever political wind will best serve their purpose of splitting the Democratic ticket in 2024. Fuck 'em!


end rant

Lefty News for July 19th, 2023

Judge: "Yes. Trump raped E. Jean Carroll.".

Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz owned by Barbie.

Michigan charges 16 people in false elector scheme meant to overturn Trump's 3030 loss.

President Joe Biden is a genius. Marjorie Trailerpark Greene is a moron.

Trump is officially a target of the DOJ in his efforts to overthrow democracy.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
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trump eats babies
Trump eats babies.


Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Jurors jurors showing their ass to Trump.
Judge: Mr. Trump, it appears the jury has reached a unanimous decision regarding your case.
They also go on to say your mother is fat and ugly.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's trials.

the story of god comic types of twins comic