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The progressive editorial cartoon about artificial intelligence

Art Official Intelligence

Ron DeSanti's new motto is "Florida: Where woke goes to die."

Also: Old people, Democracy, lawsuits against Disney and dreams of winning the presidency.


The more Iread/hear/see about the debt ceiling bill the more I'm impressed with President Joe Biden, his staff, and the Democratic members of the House and Senate.


One of the knocks on social media is that so often someone wants to proudly talk about their food.

i mean, ugh, right?

So, yeah, I'm gonna talk about food. To begin with, I don't eat meat or feel the need for meat analogs, like fake burgers, but this weekend I bought a pack of Beyond Beef because it was on sale. Big sale. Yuuuge sale.

My reaction after trying it: Pretty good.

Because it contains no animal fat there's no shrinkage, you don't have to wear a f*cking haz-mat suit to prepare it, clean-up is a breeze and your kitchen garbage doesn't smell like death after a couple of days.

Oh, and no cuddly little moo-cow had to die in the process of gettin' your snack on.

After mixing in a container of chopped mushrooms I got five over-sized burgers out of one 16 ounce pack, which is fairly economical at even the regular price. The taste is, well, just like a burger unless you're one of those guys who require a rivulet of blood drooling down your chin with each bite.

PS, Screw you filthy animals.

I'm going to wrap up this dietary diatribe with the reminder that over the past five years the Amazon rain forest has lost almost a billion trees for the benefit of beef production. Plant-based products are better for you and will slow the destruction of the environment. So get out your virtue-signaling flag and go nuts.


end rant

Lefty News for June 6, 2023

Florida judge blocks ban on gender-affirming care.

George Santos ordered to reveal names of those who paid his bail.

Florida Republicans learning the law of unintended consequences over their hateful new anti-immigrant laws.

Texas sheriff recommends criminal charges over DeSantis' migrant flights.

Trump knows his goose is thoroughly cooked regarding the classified document case.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

GOP elephant: Be very afraid of AI!
Lefty: and its suppression of gays, drag performers, the transgendered, voting, the First Amendment and schoolbooks.
there’s its denial of science and the health benefits of vaccines. and its fervid support of the manufacture and sale of fossil fuels.
plus its promotion of easy acquisition and wide distribution of assault-style weapons in the face of unrelenting human tragedy!
What does that have to do with artificial intelligence?
Oh, sorry. I thought you meant Anti-American Ignorance.

The progressive editorial cartoon about artificial intelligence

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