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The progressive editorial cartoon about transgender Americans.

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Meet the Beetles

Fun Fact: There are so many species of insects that, statistically speaking, mammals are kind of a rounding error.


This  'toon above is what I call "Comic #2,173 in a series of 78,000,000 proving that there is not, and never has been, a god."

The proof of god being that if everyone actually KNEW there was a god, that he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel one night and whipped up several new specimens of tyrannosaurus rex to the tune of "Man of La Muncha", then mankind would be at once nicer to one another, owing to that nasty old "Hell" issue, and the planet would be horribly overpopulated as we'd all have to agree that the Catholics were right all along about the rhythm method.

And wrong.

So Conservatives, in particular, know there is no Hairy Thunderer sitting in the clouds keeping an ear open for the singular sound of self-abuse, among other "sins", and are just using the threat of eternal damnation on the clueless masses in order to shape our world into the sinister paradise for the greedy and power-hungry it has become.


Many people, uh, some people, uhhh, okay no one has asked why my vision of "god" is a Negro rather than Caucasian Charlton Heston. It's because anthropologists have determined that the human race originated in Africa, which means since the Bible claims we were created in god's image then he must have been a Black man.



PS, Dear Andrea; Nyahhhh!


end rant

Lefty News for March 24, 2023

Wyoming judge blocks state abortion ban.

Democratic Kentucky Governor vetoes Republican transgender bill.

t-Rump publicly endorsing domestic terrorism.

Utah parent, using Utah's own rules, calls the Bible 'porn' and demands it be removed from school libraries.

Abortion protection will be expanded in Hawaii under new law.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
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The progressive editorial cartoon about transgender Americans.

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