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The progressive editorial cartoon about the hazards of space travel.

end rant

Star Dreck

As a kid I was all about space stuff, because at that time we really knew so little about all the cool things that might be out there. (Yes, we're talking a long time ago. Before dark matter, before Voyager, before... well, I was gonna say "red shift" but not THAT long ago.

Then we got to the Moon and found it was covered in a lot of dust and rocks, and not much else. And then we got to Mars and found it was covered in a lot dust and rocks, and not else.

Yes, Mars is a fascinating place if you're getting a  weekly check form Uncle NASA to help you search for little green animalcules, or other biological whatnot, under one of those rocks but it's a terrible place to ever consider sending a human. Ever. Or, worse, imagining establishing a colony there.

The many obstacles facing the pooting of a human or two to Mars is not beyond the grasp of modern technology, the question is why we would need to do it beyond, well, you know, just being able to do it. To me, there's no rational or useful return on investment and we have bigger environmental fish to fry on old Terra. We need to tend to this, our home planet, before it's nothing but a lot of dust and rocks, and not much else.

If we really need to find what's out there let's save a lot of money and human lives and build some really smart bots to do the investigations for us.



Of all my cartoons, ALL my cartoons, Google today decided that this two-year-old comic was "dangerous and derogatory" and that ad servicing would be cancelled for that page until I fixed it. After a good laugh at the perfection that is AI hate-speech detection I deleted the ad on that page.

There is obviously a VAST sliding scale when applied to the word "dangerous". Does it mean "non-baby-proofed electrical outlet" dangerous or "parking a van full of explosives in front of a federal building" dangerous? There are better words to apply here, Google bots. You have access to the entire dictionary. Try one more appropriate next time.

But I digress.

Sorry, Pilgrims. I guess you're just going to have to continue to endure my dangerous and derogatory attacks against you for a while longer.


end rant

Lefty News for December 1st, 2023

Bye, George.

Bye, Sandra.

Bye, Ron.

Bye, Democracy.

Bye, presidential immunity defense.

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In space, you can't see your employees suffer.


Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

There is no "up" in space so stomach gas doesn't rise to the top, so you don't burp so much as vomit.
In space, no one can hear you burp, because it's really gross
When you fart in space you're emitting flammable methane, a dangerous thing to do in a closed environment full of electronics.
In space, no one can hear you fart 'cause it's freakin' dangerous.
The gloves on space suits are so constricting that sometimes you'll lose your fingernails.
Man! space sucks!

The progressive editorial cartoon about the hazards of space travel

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