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The progressive editorial cartoon about Judge Cannon.

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The Outer Limits of Patience

In a court battle by Progressives to keep Trump off the ballot using the 14th Amendment the Minnesota Supreme Court recently ruled that [my paraphrasing] "The Republican Party can place on the primary ballot a striped-ass baboon if they want. That's their business. But if that orange smear on the shithouse wall is on the election ballot come November, and he's been legally adjudicated as an insurrectionist, then we'll talk."

Five people died as a result of Trump's hootenanny January 6th and he's still walking around free. Evidently the legal basis for an insurrectionist charge is in excess of five innocent people dying. But what do I know? Maybe there's a formula involving the size of one's ego times the amount in one's bank divided by the number of people that one stochastically murdered that determines if you can continue to travel internationally in order cheat at golf.


This week, while rediscovering the technical details about how rabbits were used to affirm a woman's pregnancy back in the "old days", I learned something fascinating.

Written documents stretching back as far as 1350 BCE stated that if a woman urinated on wheat or barley seeds, and they began to grow as a result, meant she was pregnant. Silly, huh?

Researchers recently put this claim to the test, applying modern scientific methods, and discovered that it wasn't as bat-shit crazy as it seems. In fact, the urine of a pregnant woman would cause wheat seeds to sprout about 75% of the time, while urine from a non-pregnant female, or a man's urine, had no effect at all.

As for the rabbits, their ovaries would produce follicles if injected with the urine of a pregnant woman. Unfortunately, the rabbit had to be killed and autopsied to determine if said follicles had grown. The good news is that frogs were later used, beginning in 1939, for the same purpose and they didn't have to die.

In the 1960s hormone-based tests were perfected and ended the lupine holocaust once and for all.


And, finally...

Why would a married man be afraid to have more than twelve affairs?

He had tryst-kaidekaphobia.

I'll let myself out.


end rant

Lefty News for November 10th, 2023

Trump promises to weaponize the DOJ (What? Again?) if he win the election.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson don't care 'bout 'Murca.

Senator Joe Manchin is burned out on coal country.

Envelopes containing fentanyl mailed to election offices!

Texas legislature is voting to destroy its public schools.

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