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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican projection.

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Based On A True Story

To no one's surprise.


Somebody prove to me that, on balance, the Bible (and other similar books of fairy tales) makes us a better civilization.


For those who forgot, the current housing crisis, especially the rapid rise in rents and mortgages, is due to Dubya's global financial crisis of 2008. The housing market never fully recovered.


Also too, the Second Amendment was designed specifically to encourage the Southern slave-states to ratify the Bill of Rights.

The idea was, after the inevitable abolition of slavery, the need for well-regulated militias would dissipate and the Second Amendment would be a quaint and very specific remnant of a more primitive time in the country, also known as "The Good Old Days" by the Republican Party.


Concerning DirecTV's recent dumping of Newsmax, Fox News similarly offered its content for free, at first. Once cable brought it to every home Fox used this leverage to begin demanding tribute in the form of carriage fees and it's now where they make most of their income. F*ck Fox AND Newsmax.


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News & Notes for January 27, 2023

Judge allows Capitol Police to sue Trump and his insurrectionists.

Virginia Democrats defeat proposed abortion ban.

Adam Schiff announces bid for Feinstein's U.S. Senate seat in California.

U.S. economy records solid growth under President Joe Biden.

The continuing GOP dream of punishing the poor explained in detail.

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(Yes, those are birth control pills.)


Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

GOP elephant: okay, one of the members of our party has been arrested for indecency with a minor. What should be our appropriate course of action?
Accuse drag queens of doing the same thing.
It was in a public bathroom.
Transsexual drag queens.
In a church.
Vaccinated transsexual drag queens.
It was the pastor.
Vegan vaccinated transexual drag queens.
It was you.
Change my name to Anthony Devolder.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican projection.

prosperity jesus comic guns comic