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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican hatefulness.

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Didja miss me? I missed you, too.


The thing about being an editorial-type cartoonist while Putin's Prostitute squatted in the White House was that he was an easy target for ridicule, a huge target, a great big fat greasy orange fascist target lacking a bulls-eye but prominently featuring a festering pie-hole.

He was a gift to us all, meaning it was child's play to lampoon his puzzling political machinations as he zigged from this grift or zagged towards that transparent criminality before finally staggering towards inevitable infamy.

Today he's mostly irrelevant and the Conservative/fascist editorial targets infesting Washington that we're left to portray in ink and pixels are smaller and less satisfying to caricature, certainly less familiar to the roiling masses. It's like the GOP dumped a bucket of Madagascar hissing roaches on the floor of the House of Representatives and fired a starter's pistol.

Kevin "The Invertebrate" McCarthy is now, to all appearances, randomly assigning this cadre of seditious lunatics to important government stations, which means we're just going to have to wait a while until it all goes "FOOM!", which it inevitably will. Then it'll be easier for us 'toonest's to point and laugh though unpleasant for the average American human when the economy craters because the roaches nuked the debt just to own the Libs.


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News & Notes for January 19, 2023

George "Kitara" Santos, drag queen.

Anthony Devolder, killer of dogs.

Anthony Zabrovsky, anti-semite.

George Devolder, ponzi schemer.

George Santos, if that is, indeed, his real name.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

GOP elephant: You know that income inequality means families become homeless and children go hungry.
Lefty: You know that lack of choice means women will often suffer or even die as a result of their pregnancies
You know that our insurance-based health care system forces low-income Americans to live with sickness and pain.
So do you have a reaction to this?
Yes, multiple orgasms.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican hatefulness.

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