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The progressive editorial cartoon about a Blue tsunami in the 2022 mid-terms.

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Wave Red Bye-Bye!

Do I have any secret data that assures me that the House and Senate will remain in the hands of the Democrats once the GOP quits playing games with the mid-term vote-count (probably around Christmas)?


But an electorate that has been bizarrely, very bizarrely, spilt 50-50 for the past several decades HAS to be leaning bit farther left thanks to armies of women who foresee a future that doesn't involve red cloaks and forced breeding. And they'll be there voting blue, no doubt.


It's absolutely not a reach to say that with every new Democrat we elect to Congress our schoolchildren are a little bit safer.


Elon Musk today fired Twitter's entire Human Rights team. That makes sense as he doesn't know what a human is.


What odd timing North Korea is exhibiting by increasing tension in the world by firing missiles and launching warplanes.

You know, right before the U.S. mid-terms.

Purely coincidence, I'm sure.


Personal Story: I'm older than old dirt but 30 years ago I replaced all the shingles on the roof on my house, mostly by myself but also with the help of a couple of friends who came by one afternoon and drank all the good beer. I'm blessed to have a one-story house with a very low-pitched roof. That, and a single gable with only a coulple of small hips and no valleys makes the process simple enough even a lout like me to accomplish.

These past two weeks I've been been re-shingling the same roof again. I'm very surprised that the bargain-basement shingles I nailed in place in the 90s held up this long, but it was time for the second shift.

That I managed the deed without falling off the roof or straining/breaking a major muscle group is no doubt testiment to my regular workout routine and many parts luck. This is, hopefully, the last reshingling this house will ever need.

So now that I don't have to worry over the passing of every major weather event, like the one we just had today in North Texas, I can pay a bit more attention to politics again.

So... what have I missed?


On Sunday, November 6th, approximately 24 hours after I write this, I will have advanced another year in age. It is, coincidentally, the end of daylight savings time but unfortunately only the clock goes back in time that day, not yours truly.

Currently I'm a prime number, which is pretty cool, but tomorrow my age will be evenly divided by any number of common integers and quite a few disgusting little fractions besides.

I expect, as a reward for having not killed myself along the way, to be wined, dined, caked and laid. Not necessarily in that order.

But, more than anything, my birthday wish is for Democrats to hold all three branches of government as the sun rises on the 9th. And a spanking. Lots of spanking.


Additional temporal musings:

If humans lived on a planet which took 200 years to circle its sun no one would live long enough to celebrate a birthday.

If humans could live forever notating the passage of the years would be meaningless.

If you multiply your age by 365 that's approximately how many dumps you've taken in your life.

My current age is a prime number. Tomorrow it will divisible by a prime number.

Okay, that's it.


end rant

News & Notes for November 4, 2022

Kash Patel given immunity, testifies before grand jury investigating Mar-a-Lago documents.

Wisconsin Governor candidate (Republican) pledges to end democracy in his state if elected.

North Korea rattles sabers, raises world tension, just in time for the U.S. mid-terms.

U.S. adds 261,000 jobs in October.

American billionaires spent a record $880 million on the U.S. mid-term elections.

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