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The progressive editorial cartoon about Thanksgiving.

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Happy Food Coma!

The cartoon above, a personal favorite, is from deep within the bowels of the Raging Pencils archives, Thanksgiving of 2012 to be precise, a rerun of desperate necessity since I'm presently turkey-neck deep in holiday preparations, battling sweet potatoes and cranberries to the death with my bare, sinewy hands.

But enough about me.

I hope all you happy, peppy people are having a splendid day of rest, repose, and are as free from random gunfire as is humanly possible.


PS, to all you lovely folks outside of the USofA who don't celebrate our perfect, 100% American holiday... what are you thinking? There's absolutely nothing about an annual turkey holocaust that won't bring a song to one's heart and a smile to one's lips.

Ahhh, but what the heck. I love your primitive asses anyway. Namaste.... whatever the heck that means.

PPS, Thank you, the writers for "WKRP in Cincinatti", for the magnificent joke that prompted the above comic.


end rant

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Thanksgiving.

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