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Progressive comic about why Trump lies about everything.

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Brass Tacks Time

Here's a dirty little political secret (or non-secret):

No Democrat has won the white vote since LBJ. After the Civil Rights Act was passed the Republican Party went full-bore racist with the Southern Strategy. And it has worked ever since.

(Even so, let's not forget that Nixon conspired with the Vietnamese to win in '68, Reagan conspired with the Iranians in 1980, Dubya was illegally appointed President by the Supreme Court in 2000 and was gifted Ohio and the White House in 2004 by Governor Ken Blackwell.

And Trump conspired with the Russians to win the 2016 election.

But I digress.)

Carter snuck in on the heels of a Republican political disaster and still only barely won. Bill Clinton (maybe) needed the help of Ross Perot. Twice. Barack Obama proved that if you have the minority vote in your pocket you can win in record numbers. Hillary Clinton lost key states, and the 2016 election, because black voters, targeted on social media by Republican/Russian operatives, were convinced that Clinton was running a pedophile ring in a pizza joint basement.

It was a close race. Just 77,000 votes in four states was the difference between President Hillary Clinton and the Chosen One.

"Evangelical" is shorthand for "white racist".

White racism runs deep in this country but that era is ending and the Republican Party knows it. Texas will go Blue eventually and then it's game over for the GOP. That's why their new strategy is "Autocracy Now". You can see it in their desire to wall brown people out of this country, in their Supreme Court picks, in their RWNJ Judiciary assignments, in the way the Republican Senate says "Screw You!" to anything remotely socialized or that will result in secure, fair elections.

That's why I predict that Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee for President, by hook or crook. The DNC knows he will bring the minority vote with him. The RNC knows this, too, which explains why Fat Hitler was perfectly willing to be impeached for extorting foreign countries into spreading disinformation about Biden and his son. It had to be done, but there's more disinformation to come.

Biden is also corporate-friendly. The rich like that about him. But this means nothing substantial will get done, especially if Democrats don't take the Senate. Sigh. (Even so, this beats the bloody, living HELL out of four more years of this current madness.)

I preferred a President Warren. She is whip-smart but Corporate America can't have a smart president. (Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are brilliant men but the GOP shut them down fast with Whitewater and Monica and racist TEA Party shenanigans.) The GOP prefers dumb-asses like Trump or Dubya, quislings who are just smart enough to sign a document... a sentiment they've actually shared out loud.

Trump will surely lose the popular vote, again, but whether he will lose the White House is now up to whichever method the Republican Party and their Russian pals choose to fuck us over with this time. The only answer is to vote Democrat in such large numbers that there can be no question in the result. Something I also predict will happen.

Stop me if you've heard this but "Vote Blue, no matter who."


I've read that Bloomberg's candidacy was designed to force the centrists in the Democratic Party to coalesce towards Biden. True or not, we would have been better off if Bloomberg had run as an Independent, which would have thrown the GOP into chaos. Now, instead of watching t-Rump and Bloomberg fracture the party all the way to November it'll be Biden and Bernie feeding the media monster while t-Rump's DOJ ramps up the Biden Allegation Machine.

And all because Bloomberg didn't want to pay more taxes.

Man, fuck Bloomberg.


The World Health Organization: "80 per cent of patients will suffer mild illness from the coronavirus, 14 per cent will suffer severe disease, 5 per cent will become critically ill and, so far, 3.4 per cent have died."

t-Rump: "Get back to work, you slackers!"


Stay healthy, folks.


end rant

News & Notes for March 5, 2020

Bernie Sanders' Medicare For All plan would increase wages and creat jobs.

Trump's Burisma probe is political in nature.

Texas closed hundreds of polling sites in minority areas.

Ignore everything Trump says about the coronavirus.

Elizabeth Warren ends her campaign for the presidency.

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