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Progressive comic about how Bill Barr has destroyed the Justice Department.

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I Never Metaphor I didn't Like

Somewhere, somebody is looking at today's cartoon and saying to themselves "Ewww! That's terrible! Are you saying our president would slice out the hearts of young women? What kind of sick, twisted person are you?"

And I would respond "Yeah. You're right.
Our president is never the kind of guy who would rip children from their parent's arms and lock them in cages in refrigerated warehouses, or make young immigrant girls prey for sexual abuse, or refuse to immunize these same kids and let them die from simple diseases like the flu.

Or he isn't the kind of guy who would cut availability to food from the poor and hungry, or cut Social Security from the old and sick, or look the other way when a U.S. citizen is cut to pieces with a bone saw just because he was investigating the president's son-in-law's business practices.

Or he isn't the kind of man who would make it hard for people to afford the medicine their lives depend on, or sell out this country for the benefit of a foreign oil baron who has laundered real-estate money into his bankrupt pockets for decades."

Actually, he is. He's all those things and worse. I couldn't begin to draw a cartoon that accurately reflects the hideous, pus-filled bag of flesh that walks around and calls itself Donald Trump. And, yes, this cartoon is kind of grotesque for those with weak constitutions, but this is the best I can do so I'll just keep doing it, thanks.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


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News & Notes for February 14, 2020

Mitch McConnell admits that there are 395 House bills sitting on his desk.

Trump admits to the whole Ukranian scam.

Justic Department won't charge Andrew McCabe. Trump has a sad.

The Army won't investigate Colonel Vindman over his impeachment testimony. Trump has a sad.

Trump is waging a war on the poor.

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Bill Barr offering the heart of Lady Blind Justice to Donald Trump on Valentine's Day.
Oh, Mr. Barr! You darling!

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