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The progressive web comic about who isn't voting for Trump.

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Trump Dumbographics

What killed 225,000 Americans and destroyed the economy?

(1) t-Rump's ineffectual approach to containing covid-19


(2) Hunter Biden's imaginary laptop


It looks like Democrats are going to win a great big old governmental trifecta once all the votes are counted --- The Presidency, the House, and the Senate.

I am hoping that Democrats will have learned from watching the GOP over the past ten years and will do the following once they're in power:

Whatever they want.

Yes, whatever they want.

Of course, in Democratic hands "Whatever they want" means better health care, cleaner environment, and a more peaceful world for us all. Unlike the Republican version which was "Fuck all ya'll! It's ours. OURS!"

The GOP showed us, time and time again, that laws and custom and honor and trust meant nothing. That you're a sucker if you don't get yours while the gettin's good while making sure all the legislation provides easy access to gettin' it.

I hope every piece of Democratic legislation sent to the President's desk for the conceivable future includes the clause "Fuck you, Mitch McConnell" at the end.

I hope to whatever deity you choose that the Democrats quickly ram through three or four new wildly-liberal Supreme Court justice.

I also hope "Whatever they want" includes every legal, and barely-legal, action possible against those who willingly cast their lot with Trump and his fascist cronies in their headlong rush to grab what they could before the country collapsed into an economic heap. Starting with William Barr, who is singularly responsible the madness of our Quisling Kaiser.

And I fervently hope that every election going forward begins and ends with the words "Remember Trump!"
We should never, ever forget what that man, for lack of a better scientific description, and his subservient toadies did to this country, which included sucking as much out of the Treasury as they could while standing mute as hundreds of thousands of Americans died.

This election is proof to Democrats just how much power they have, even in the face of catastrophic Presidential resistance, and I'm certain that Mr. Biden and his fellow Democrats will work to make sure voting is even safer and more accessible for everyone in future elections.
If you haven't already voted for Joe I trust that you will.


This could very well be my last cartoon featuring Hitler2020. After he loses I will no longer need to remind anyone of what a loathesome piece of crap he is and can then turn my attentions to more important lessons of the day. Fingers crossed.


end rant

News & Notes for November 2, 2020

Holy fuck! Young Texas voters are breaking turnout records.

Trump is terrified of going to prison if he loses the election. (Heh-heh-heh)

Trump is barricading himself behind another White House fence.

Fox News might be trying to make Trump lose.

Facebook choked traffic to left-wing web sites.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
Blacks aren't voting for you. Or LGTBQ, or college-educated women, or the young, or Jews, or senior citizens, or Latinos or eskimos.
But you cetainly have the lawyer vote all locked up.
Trump: I better, considering how much I'm paying them.

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